Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dylan turns 1! Or....look what I got to do.....Yippee!!

So, my friend Amber's son turned 1 July 1st.  She was very excited about planning the perfect birthday party for the little man.  While she was researching some super cute decorations she showed me some pics of cupcake toppers she liked....I said "I could make those for you."  Little did she know I would go bonkers!  She got ADORABLE party decorations at Target.  It is Little Monsters.  Very cute!  I horned my way in to make a little high chair banner for little Dylan and then surprised him (well really her :)...) with a little monster t-shirt I embellished.

Check it out....

Here are the party pictures...You can see the cute decoratoins from Target.

I love the cake, too!!!  Awesome....

Love the letters under the cupcake stand....and the colorful paper

Mr. Dylan in his monster t-shirt checking out some of his new toys!

High chair banner announcing the birthday boy!

Here's some shots and breakdown of my small contribution to the decor....
 The cupcake toppers where made using the Celebration cartridge!

 I layered vinyl on the front for the party monster cut from the Mini Monster's Cartridge.
I used the Mickey Font cartridge for the name on the back.
 On the high chair banner I used Mini Monsters and Mickey Font again.
I used a different Cuttlebug folder to emboss each pennant.  I embellished them
with some SEI Monster Googley Eyes, some korker ribbon, some orange pom-pom trim
(a gift from Dylan's mom) and a sticker set I got at Target that matched the decorations

Well, I was feeling super bad about horning in and inviting myself to help out with the decorations, but both mommy and Grandma were pleased.  They showered me with very thoughtful gifts (crafty stuff! and a gift card) in way of thanks. I was happy to do it and happy to share it with you!  Thank you, Amber, for sharing your pics with me!  Dylan is a cutie!


Patti said...

I bet his Mom loved everything that you did. I'm sure Dylan did too. What a wonderful friend you are.

Michelle said...

very awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the shirt !!!!

Amber said...

Dylan's mom here - Stefani did an AWESOME job! Her "small contribution" made all the difference. Thanks for horning in and helping to give my munchkin the best birthday! =D

Robin Marshall Clark said...

Stefani!!!! You did an amazing job on all of this. I love the banner but my favorite part is the t-shirt. It is soooo dang adroable! Fantastic job!!!

Nadia's Beautiful Mess said...

Love all the party decor and the t-shirt!!!

CREATIVE M said...

Awesome! GREAT job! Love all the party Decor!