Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Graduate!

Hey Y'all.....Today I get to celebrate the graduation of my Soul Sister, Becca!  Although, Becca is young enough to be my own daughter she and I connected when she was a youngster and she has always called me her Soul Sister!  Well, she has graduated from High School and is heading to BYU!!!!

Check out these gifts I made for her!

First up, from the $ bin at Michaels a pencil had two white with a gold "B" monogram and two solid gold ones.  On the gold one I put a BYU sticker making it a custom BYU pencil.  Next, also from the $ bin, I found a little notebook that she can carry in her purse.  It had the perfect BYU colors (Tan and Navy), but it had a sea shell on it, well, I quickly covered that with a BYU sticker and viola....she has a custom notebook!  These were fast and simple, but I think she will enjoy them.


Next, I made Becca a more elaborate gift.....a SMASH book!!!  Here's a bunch of pictures of it!

 I covered it with clear acrylic sheets to protect it and included some
Washi tape and the dual tip (glue and ink) pen so she can easily add all her keepsakes.
 On the first page I included some special sentiments from me and my
hubby on the library card and showed her an example of how to add
 keepsakes by putting a picture of her and her mom at the BYU campus.

 I added this little "self portrait" of me in one of the
pockets, so she doesn't forget her soul sister

In the back oversized library pocket I included a bunch of BYU
stickers, some post it type labels and some starter cards for her to journal on.

I hope she enjoys it....I will try to add a pic of her opening it. 

Update....well, I didn't get a picture of her with the SMASH book, but she seemed to like it.  I did get a shot of her with my mom opening the quilt my mom made for her!


Kate said...

Wow that Smash book looks AMAZING. Great job on it. I am sure she love it. You are such a sweetheart.


Blingdazzler said...

Great job! Love all the different papers!!

Robin Marshall Clark said...

I love the way your smashbook came together! I am sure she will have fun filling it up with memeories from her last year of high school and her first year of college. Job will done my friend!