Friday, April 6, 2012

Look at me....all organized and stuff!

HI, All....earlier this week I saw an organizing project on Obsessed with Scrapbooking that I had to do immediately or it wasn't going to clear my brain.  And, since I am a touch OCD....It got done today.
Joy had taken all her embossing folders and made a reference guide.  I have seen this done before with a friend using ink to show off the images and that made me shy away from doing it.  I'm not a good inker.  So, when Joy showed hers and you could easily see all the embossing without inking, I knew I could do it too!

I first took a tag from Tags, Bags, Boxes and More and sized it on the Gypsy to fit 6 to a 12 x 12 page.  I then chose a card stock that I had plenty of and got to cutting the tags on my Cricut Expression.  Of course, it would be lime green!  My favorite color.  Then I organized my folders by design and theme.  I took a tip from Joy and put the folders for holidays toward the back of the bundle, so I would haven't to scroll through them each time I was looking for something.  Then I got to embossing.  I did all the A2 folders first.  Then I did the larger 5 x 7 folders.  Then the borders and then the 2 x 2s.  Then I labeled everything.  I put a number on the tag that corresponds with the folder and then labeled the folder.  Writing on my folders was the hardest part for me....again, a touch of OCD.  I numbered the 5 x 7 folders with a different sequence started at B1.  This way when I add A2s or the larger folders they can all be added to the same series...if that makes any sense (it did in my brain).  I also have a different sequence for the Spellbinder embossing plates as they are stored a little different (can't number them).

I just happened to have picked up some large binder rings last week without really knowing what I was gonna do with them....well, answered. I used them to bind my tags together.  I made some extra tags and put them on the binder rings too as I am always acquiring embossing folders (just ordered a new one yesterday - skulls of course).

For my birthday last year my friend, Kim, packaged my crafty birthday gifts in this awesome tote. Well, it holds all of my embossing folders, the Cuttlebug plates and Spellbinder mats, my Cuttlebug dies and my Spellbinders along with my new reference cards. With a lid and a handle this is great for taking to crops.

Thank you for taking a look.  Let me know how  your project turns out!  Thank you, Joy, for the inspiration!!  Joy has been organizing her craft space all week, so stop by and take a look!


Kim Ricketts said...

This is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing!

Kim :)

Michelle said...

so I assume you cut anbd embossed them for me as well right ????


HappyHappyJoyJoy said...

I LOVE how you did the borders! I am totally lifting that idea! And how cute is that lime green tote - adorable! Thanks so much for the shout out - I really appreciate it! YOU ROCK!

BTW, I have some sterlite storage containers (those 12x12, 3 drawer systems) that I am not using anymore. Let me know if you want them.

Hugs, Joy

Jeanne said...

Great idea! Whenever you're ready, just head on over and organize my folders and well my craft room for me! :)