Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 40th Birthday! What a party

Hi, Everyone....I wanted to share some of the amazing items from my 40th Birthday Party.  My hubby, mom and friend, Michelle, at, put together some truly amazing and memorable items for my b-day in December.  My husband isn't the crafty sort, but he really wanted me to have the best b-day imaginable, so he asked me what I wanted.  And, that was to have my closest peeps in one place to celebrate.  I chose Mattitos Mexican for brunch the Sunday after my birthday.  That was my only contribution to the Fiesta planning....from there he coordinated with the rest of the party planning committee to pull of the yummiest and funnest party I could ever imagine.

I love skulls and Michelle designed this beautifil invite for the party....this established a Day of the Dead theme....Hubby came up with the wording inside...."Stefani is finally forty.  Join us for a 40 is Fabulous Fiesta."

My mom has never been one to let a theme go unexplored so she got right to work gathering and creating.

She found these skull pinatas, they came to her white and she decorated all
6 of them to have different personalities.  They became the center pieces and were topped
 with skull lolipops as party favors
 Michelle cut the skull Gracias heads to match the invites and go on the back of the lollipops.

Mom located some AWESOME tissue banners and
customized them with different phrases by hand.

Michelle created some custom Stefani banner's to match the theme
 and made some cupcake boxes for each cupcake.

Mom made a shrine board with pictures and momentos from my life so far.

And for the topper of it all - mom customized this tiny sumbrero for me to wear with skulls and 40.

It was a fabulous party and I really enjoyed all the festive creations!
I was and am truly touched by all the efforts that were put into making this such a
succesful event.  I am also still overwhelmed by all the love I felt from
my family and friends during this milestone occasion.  Thank you, everyone!


Michelle said...

Awe,,,,, you look so happy! I hope is was all you wanted it to be girl!!! Your mom did a fabulous job !!!

texastwins said...

we had a great time. Everything looked (and tasted) perfect....

Kim Ricketts said...

Looks like a fun party!!! I am sure you had a blast!!


Stefani said...

Thank you! You did too!