Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer of Savings Stash/Scrap Challenge

HI, all....I have started a group on Facebook called Summer of Savings Stash Scrap Challenge. 

Big Haul from the Great American Scrapbook Convention
It is for challenges related to reducing the money we spend on craft supplies.  There will be one main challenge that you must participate in to be in the group....it is a Summer long challenge, so from June 21st to September 22nd.  This challenge will be to not purchase any new or additional supplies during this time frame. Yep, you read that right!  Three months of NO crafty purchases.

There will be some small guidelines:
You may purchase adhesive as needed (although it might be painful to go to your craft store of choice to get it)
You may purchase one pack of black and one pack of white card stock during the course of the challenge

If you are someone that makes paper crafting as a source of income...you may purchase for that purpose only (special order for something with zebra print and you don't have it---you would get the zebra print to complete the job).  The goal is to still try not to purchase more than you need or to not make a purchase if you can use something else.

Also, I will be posting new challenges (sub-challenges) that are optional - these challenges will be weekly or bi-weekly.  Please suggest challenges, too if you like.

This will be a great place to post pics of your projects that you used your stash or scraps to create.  It will be perfect chance to break out those tools or supplies you just haven't gotten around to using and share with everyone how it worked and what you made.  And an oppurtunity to borrow from each other if you need that perfect thing to complete a project, but it isn't in the rotation.  (I have a friend that lives 3 miles from me and I'm sure if I don't have something....she does! )

Look for the group on Facebook and join us if you like!

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SiskiyouSue said...

This is a great idea! Thanks!