Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pics from the 2011 Cricut Stampede

I stole most of these pics from other sources as I forgot my camera.  We had so much fun.
Robin, Kim, Stefani and Miroslava
Made fast friends with Robin and Kim.  It was like we had known each other forever! 
I'm so glad to have some local friends to craft with!
Some of the calling cards people exchanged

I made myself a t-shirt for each day of the Stampede - this is Saturday. 
Matches my Calling Card.

My Calling Card

Sunday's T-shirt

Friday's t-shirt

I met Kim (Bling Dazzler) on Thursday night before the Stampede at a dinner at Babe's.  I told her about my shirts and offered to make her one to.  So, I made this for her at the Stampede Friday night.

I won this Flair Pin Set at the Luncheon on Friday before the Stamped.  I broke up the set and sold them individually.  Then bought a Yudo and some accessories with my earnings, so it is like I won a Yudo.

Cute bag someone made with the Yudo and Kim bought.

My little baby girl, Bug. Dressed her in ribbon I got from the ribbon exchange.

She quickly got a friend.

Robin won a Yudo!!!

Debbie, Rina, Robin and Mike at the Luncheon

Cute little items attendees gave out to each other.

The Swag bag.

Queen B (Jana)

Mike with PC

Teresa Collins and Robin

Shannon with PC teaching us to Yudo.

She gave Kim the screen from the Stampede

My Haul from the stampede.

Loading up the dolly to load up the car for the long ride from Frisco to Plano.


Connie Gail said...

Looks like you gals had a GREAT time! Loved seeing your haul....:O)

Tamara said...

Holy Cow!!! I have seen so many great pics from this Stampeed on lots of blogs! I sooooo wish I lived closer and could have gone! :)