Friday, July 25, 2014

Save the Animals Charity Blog Hop

Hey, Y'all and Welcome to the Save the Animals Charity Blog Hop!

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Each person in this hop picked one animal to represent today.
I picked dogs, specifically Rescued dogs.  
I have heard about rescues before, but didn't really understand what was going on.  I attempted to get a dog from a rescue many years ago and didn't hear back from them, so I just moved on and got a dog from a backyard breeder.  In the last 9 months I have learned so much I never knew about rescue animals and rescues in general.  I want to share with you my experience and what I've learned.
What I thought vs. Reality
  • I thought all rescue groups gave animals away for free and if they were charging for them then it was a scam.  Reality....they are charging a fee to cover the cost of vetting the animal no matter what the problem is, getting all the shots current and spay/neutering the animal.  Also, charging for an animal helps keep down the risk of people just getting the animal to use as bait in dog fights. (Sad but true!). If the fee is a little more than the vetting costs, then the money goes into a reserve to help with an animal that might have more expensive vetting costs.  The rescue fees are normally much less than the cost of buying a pet and you already have a fully vetted animal.  Bonus!
  • I thought all rescue animals had something wrong with them.  Reality, most of the animals that wind up in rescue are healthy, well mannered family pets that for various reasons their family can't keep them (Sad but true!) and that means there are many WONDERFUL pets waiting for their forever homes.  All different ages, breeds and personalities.  
  • Rescues are ran by volunteers and those volunteers love these animals.  If it doesn't work out with you and an animal, the very best thing to do is to give that animal back to the rescue you got it from.  They work tirelessly to make sure all of the matches are good for all parties.
  • And, lastly and sadly, I was very na├»ve about how people treat their pets or other animals they encounter.  I thought all little puppies were in happy families that wanted them and were being worshiped like we are worshiping our dogs.  Reality, some breeders don't have a love for the animals they are breeding.  There are many experienced, reputable breeders out there, but unfortunately there are more backyard breeders that only are in it for the money.  When the breeding mommy or daddy are no longer useful then they are cast aside.  Or, in the case of our puppy, Mercy, if there is a problem with the animal at birth they may either be subjected to horrible conditions or destroyed without compassion.  (Sad, but true!)
The next time you want a pet (of any kind or breed), please consider a rescue.  Check out Pet Finder they have many adoptable animals.  There is a rescue group for everything....including hedgehogs!!!  Saving an unwanted animal is very rewarding, but also, all these animals want is to be loved and to please their humans. 
Please help put backyard breeders out of business. 
Here is my project.  It is a thank you card.  We have so much to be thankful for with our little Mercy, but most recently we found a pet sitter for her that truly loves her as much as we do and that will afford us the chance to travel occasionally.  It is very comforting finding someone that will care for your kiddos the way you would and it is a special person that would change a dog's diaper multiple times a day.  Just saying!
After my project there is a story about Mercy and our rescue experience. 
Please read it if you fell compelled.  It is long, so I understand if you want to skip it.

little Mercy loves to lay around on her blankie and gather
many toys around her!

On my project I used the Bull Dog/Terrier Dog Puppy file from SVG Cutting Files for the little Mercy dog on the front of the card.  I also used the following Jaded Blossom stamp sets: Kitty Kitty, Puppy Love, Simple Sayings 3 , and Kind Thanks.
The Story of Mercy
I would like to the story of the puppy me and my husband rescued last fall.  Her name is Mercy Denise. That is her fourth and last name.  She was born to a backyard breeder in South Texas.  She was named Miracle because she was born with a spinal defect that has left her paralyzed from the waist back and her rear legs are completely fused straight.  She has no bowel control, so the breeder tied her up with a short leash on their carport.  She lived there from February to September last year....did I mention this was in South Texas? Well, Texas is HOT all except 4 days in the winter months.  It is not good for any dog to be outside constantly in this weather, but the smooshed face of a little Boston Terrier makes is hard for them to breath and being outside for long periods of time is a major no-no.  I can only imagine the other things she encountered out there day in and day out as a little baby that was paralyzed.  When she was saved by a young lady named Denise, she had many open wounds on her legs, feet and bottom from being on the concrete.  She lost a toe and some claws, too.  There was blood all over the carport floor where she had been tied.  Denise immediately took her to a vet.  The vet told her that Miracle should be put down, so Denise took her to another vet that cared for her and did her spay surgery and x-rays to determine what was wrong with her.  That vet indicated she had a severed spine from birth or injury. Denise wanted to give Miracle a clean start and named her Ariel after the Little Mermaid because of how she dragged her body behind her.  Denise cared for her, got her in diapers, let her live in her home with her and her other Boston Terriers and loved her like crazy!  Denise lives in a small town in S. TX and realized that Ariel would get the best care and have a better chance of meeting a wonderful forever family in a large city.  She heard of the Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas and brought Ariel to Dallas.  To shorten the story I will tell you that me and my hubby weren't looking for another dog, but we immediately fell in love with Lucky (her new name the rescue gave her - it is common for rescues to rename the animals, again, to give them a new life, but often they don't know anything about the animals they receive.)  We donated to Lucky's care and watched her on Facebook. Within the week we met her and after we passed the home interview and the application process we received Miracle/Ariel/Lucky into our home!  My husband named her Mercy and I gave her the middle name of Denise after the lady that saved her from God only knows what.  She is now our child.  She has been with us for 8 months.  She doesn't know she is any different than any other puppy.  She is soooo loved!  My husband and I treat her just like our baby!  Her sister, Liberty Belle the Boston Terrier, loves her (well at least she tolerates her and misses her when she is gone.) My mom makes her custom onesies  so her diapers will stay on her little butt, we have a stroller for her when we go out and she has a cart that was donated from a nice lady that she knew in her S.TX days.  She loves running around in our back yard and at the dog park.  Here are some links of her first few days with us.  This was before we conquered the diapers coming off, so she was in store bought clothes. 
She was just 9 she weighs almost 14. 
She has a little fan club on face book. Please check out Mercy Denise the Boston Terrier on Facebook.
Mercy wears custom clothes made by her Grammy to keep her diapers on in style! 

Thank you so much for checking out our Blog Hop.
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